Skinny Body Can The Effect Stop KB?

Illustration of Skinny Body Can The Effect Stop KB?
Illustration: Skinny Body Can The Effect Stop KB?

The body suddenly emaciated, had a blood check and ECG results were all normal. Can this be the effect of stopping birth control? Thank you

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Hello Krisanda,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, what is your exact weight and height now? How long have you been drastic about your weight? Are there other complaints that you feel, such as fatigue, excessive sweating, fever, tremors, swollen lymph nodes, lumps in a part of the body, and so on?

Determine whether you are thin can not be done carelessly without knowing how exactly your weight and height. Because, fat or thin can be a very subjective complaint, so it must be confirmed by the calculation of BMI (body mass index) to be more objective. So, it's good to clarify your current condition, okay?

You are said to be thin if your BMI score is less than normal (18.5 to 22.9). If this is true of your condition, then the possibility of the trigger could be because:

Chronic infections, such as tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, intestinal worms, hepatitis B
Indigestion, for example due to inflammation of the intestine, digestive infections
Malignancies, including colon cancer, lung cancer, cancer of other organ systems
Inflammatory disorders, for example due to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
Hormone disorders, such as due to hyperthyroidism, diabetes
Other factors, such as stress, the influence of drugs, malnutrition, eating disorders, and other chronic diseases

Some types of birth control can indeed have side effects in the form of weight gain. Therefore, after its use is stopped, many KB users will lose weight. However, pure weight loss occurs because birth control should not be so drastic as to cause your body to suddenly thin.

Sometimes, it is not enough to determine the causes of weight loss that are too drastic just by blood and ECG tests. It could also be necessary to do other supporting examinations, such as the Mantoux test, stool test, x-rays, and so on. Therefore, you should go back to your doctor or doctor of internal medicine, yes. If necessary, the doctor can refer you to a nutritionist in order to get further treatment.

So you can regain your ideal body weight, the following steps can be done:

Eat a variety of balanced nutritional value foods, don't choose food
Regularly eat medium but frequent portions
Interspersed with your meal time by consuming healthy snacks, for example smoothies, cut fruit, juice
Drink more
Don't eat junk food too often, instant and preserved food, drink caffeinated and fizzy drinks
Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes
Do not take any drugs or supplements, including body fat supplements
Sleep early and regularly
Make your mind more calm, don't stress or worry too much

Hope this helps ...

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