Slanted Finger After Impact?

Illustration of Slanted Finger After Impact?
Illustration: Slanted Finger After Impact?

The condition of my middle finger was hit using a large cellphone, at first I only took it to TK Kusuk, only the results were mercury. Then I took it to the orthopedic doctor in Pirngadi to the doctor, but it was just a bruise. I brought it to the mother of Thamrin, the doctor gave up too late for the operation. My skranag was handled by doctor Edwin Marpaung and only put in a big ice cream stick this week. The result is only missing bruises. I am sad that the doctors here only play with me. SDH X-rays are 2 times normal. Only MARI to the doctor Edwin still said X-rays. Please help. I want surgery and the doctor is right who handles it not as a guinea pig. My case occurred on 27 March 2018.

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Good Morning Mrs. Eva,

Thank you for the question.

Complaints of the middle finger being tilted after being hit by the impact, of course, can be worrying. A strong impact on one of your limbs can indeed cause several conditions, ranging from injuries to the skin, injuries to muscles, shifting of joints (dislocations), to fractures. The severity of the conditions that occur depends on the size of the collision and the location of the collision that occurred. To diagnose the severity of the impact that occurs on your thumb's fingers, the doctor will perform a history (doctor-patient question and answer), physical examination, the doctor will ask you to move your hand and feel if there is pain in the area that is suspected of being broken. To be sure, x-rays are performed to clearly see the condition of the bones, whether there are fractures or not. So, the thing that is done is right, the handling really depends on the results of the doctor's examination. In the condition of a broken bone, there are generally two treatments:

Treatment without surgery. The orthopedic specialist will ensure that the bones are aligned, then put a support device on the outside, this will make the broken bone return to its normal position. Recovery can occur within 3-6 weeks. Treatment with surgery. Performed in certain cases, implanted wire, plate, or other so that the bone can return to its normal position. When undergoing treatment, generally the joints still feel stiff, this is normal, but if you feel necessary, you should consult the Orthopedic Doctor who treats you again, whether you need to do physiotherapy or light exercises aimed at restoring strength and flexibility of muscles and finger joints.

The following article can add insight to the Broken Bone Mother

Avoid lifting heavy weights and exercise caution to avoid finger pain and speed up the recovery process.

So hopefully it will get better soon,

dr. Annes

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