SLE Whether This Disease Can Be Deadly

Illustration of SLE Whether This Disease Can Be Deadly
Illustration: SLE Whether This Disease Can Be Deadly

Hello my doctor, I have an autoimmune disease (SLE) I want to ask whether sufferers of this disease are difficult to get pregnant ?? This SLE can be deadly if you don’t take medication and get out of control. Thank you

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Hello Manal Bawazier,

SLE (systemic lupus eryhthematosus) is a type of systemic autoimmune disease, so that the body's immunity which is supposed to protect against foreign antigens / infections from outside the body, instead attacks the body's own healthy tissues and organs. The result is inflammation in various body tissues of patients with SLE, ranging from the skin, joints, kidneys, lungs, heart, and other organs.

SLE is more experienced by women. SLE is a chronic disease, which can occur between acute episodes / acute attacks (sudden increase in symptoms experienced by patients). The symptoms experienced by each SLE patient are different, some are mild and some are severe and can disrupt the quality of life of patients and even cause life-threatening disorders. Symptoms that can be observed include:

Excessive tiredness
Inflammation in the joints (pain, swelling, stiffness)
Redness of the skin, reddish skin lesions on the cheeks and nose bridge called butterfly rash because they resemble butterflies
Chest pain, shortness of breath
Long-term complications of SLE:
Kidney disorders: lupus nephritis, kidney failure
Central nervous system disorders: behavior changes, memory disorders, etc.
Hematologic and vascular disorders: vasculitis, anemia, blood clotting disorders
Lung Disorders
Heart Disorders

The diagnosis of SLE is difficult because the symptoms of the disease resemble those of inflammation due to other diseases. It takes a combination of investigations such as blood laboratory results, antinuclear antibody tests, urinalysis, kidney function tests, etc. to be able to establish a diagnosis of SLE.

SLE treatment aims to relieve symptoms experienced by patients and control the body's immune response. Treatment requires strict clinical supervision, because it suppresses the body's immune response (so that there is no severe inflammation in the body's organs and organ damage) as a result the patient becomes susceptible to infection. The drugs used can be in the form of immunosuppressants, NSAIDs, corticosteroids, and other drugs such as rituximab in severe and drug resistant cases.

Patients with SLE need to undergo lifelong control, to determine whether or not the drug is given, added, adjusted dosages, evaluating organ functions, and so on. Lifestyle modifications that need to be done by patients to prevent frequent or severe acute attacks are:

Avoiding exposure to ultraviolet rays (sun) by using long sleeves, hats, sunscreen when outdoors activities.
Do not smoke
Exercise regularly
Eating foods with balanced nutrition, supplementation of vitamin D and calcium may be needed by SLE patients

Fertility is generally not affected by SLE. However, this disease can cause disorders in pregnancy, for example increasing the risk of miscarriage, fetal death in the womb, premature birth, and preeclampsia. Therefore, every SLE patient who is planning to become pregnant, must consult with a doctor first because it really must be prepared and considered especially because some types of drugs consumed by SLE patients can have an impact on the fetus. Usually new patients are advised to get pregnant if after 6 months the symptoms of SLE are controlled.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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