Sleep Does Not Feel Good Accompanied By Headaches To Watery Eyes?

Illustration of Sleep Does Not Feel Good Accompanied By Headaches To Watery Eyes?
Illustration: Sleep Does Not Feel Good Accompanied By Headaches To Watery Eyes?

I didn’t sleep, it got to my head and my eyes hurt … and my eyes often shed tears

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The existence of complaints of insomnia that has caused comorbid complaints as you feel, this condition may have been running for a long time or within a few days, which has accumulated so that it starts to bother you. If indeed you have not experienced sleep disorders before and now you have sleep disorders, it is necessary to evaluate the triggers of this complaint, by evaluating and identifying the triggers of this complaint, then hopefully you can help reduce complaints properly. If this complaint is not known the cause, then the side effects of sleep disturbance will continue to be felt by you, and your sleep condition will still be of poor quality.
Some of the complaints that often accompany sleep disorders can be, irritability, drowsiness, watery eyes, headaches, back pain, weakness, trembling, easy colds or coughs, nausea, bloating or decreased appetite. One or more of these accompanying complaints can be felt from the beginning of the sleep disturbance and can get worse if the sleep disturbance lasts longer. Some prevention efforts to trigger sleep disorders need to be identified, so you can prevent these complaints from recurring, such as:
1. Avoid physical fatigue
2. Avoid using cellphones, tv computers in your bedtime
3. Don't go past your sleeping habits
4. Avoid stress
5. Avoid feeling too full or hungry before going to sleep
6. Avoid conflict
Evaluate some of the conditions above or other conditions that may be in your opinion trigger sleep disorders. Do prevention and help restore your stamina by doing more relaxation, doing regular exercise, getting enough water, maintaining digestive health, maintaining a balance of bodily activities. Thus, in the next few days, it is hoped that you can control this sleep disorder properly.
If these complaints have not improved in the next 3-4 days after you have tried to prevent risk factors, then you should consult a neurologist or psychiatrist if there is an influence of conflict and psychological disorders. The doctor will conduct a direct interview with you regarding the journey of this complaint. Physical examination and investigations can be planned to ensure there are no medical disorders that aggravate this complaint, such as thyroid disorders, digestive disorders, lung or heart problems. The results of the examination will be a reference for your care and treatment.

For home care, you can work on the adequacy of water and nutritious food, as well as provide warm komores in the area of ​​your eyes before and after work. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol when consuming.
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