Sleep Problems?

Illustration of Sleep Problems?
Illustration: Sleep Problems?

I used to have insomnia, but it’s been 2 months since I fell asleep very quickly. As deep as it is, I didn’t even hear disturbing sounds, be it alarms and others. What caused my sleep like that? And how to solve it?

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Hi Wenwen .. Thank you for the question.

It's hard to wake up because sleeping too soundly can be a bother, especially if you have an appointment and have to start your activities in the morning. To handle this, several things need to be done, for example:

Adjust your sleep pattern, get enough sleep in a 7-8 hour day and do it regularly so that your sleep pattern is more regular and the body becomes accustomed
Have a strong determination to wake up on time
Avoid turning off the alarm before you really wake up
Do exercise regularly

The things above are some of the things you can do, but if you wake up with a weak body, feel dizzy, have no energy, or you easily fall asleep anywhere even when you're working, it's a good idea to check with your doctor. So that doctors can perform a physical examination directly.

Also read the article: It's hard to wake up

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