Slime In Infants And Breath Sounds Grumpy.?

Illustration of Slime In Infants And Breath Sounds Grumpy.?
Illustration: Slime In Infants And Breath Sounds Grumpy.?

When I was born, I noticed that spit up was a bit mucous. When he was 1.5 months old his breathing became more severe and more sluggish, so I took it to the doctor and decided to vaporize it with ventoline. After 3 days of steaming, his breathing got heavier and I took it to the doctor again and it was decided to have an X-ray which turned out to be positive for pneumonia. My baby was treated for a week, evaporated and given antibiotics. After it was decided to go home, chest retraction when he was still breathing deeply and the slam was still there until he was 3 months old. Does my child have an allergy so that the slem does not go away? I’ve been to a number of doctors, doctors always say it’s normal for babies. And does the chest retraction in my baby have something to do with the heart?

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The term slime in the respiratory tract generally refers to mucus or sputum which is a thick and sticky liquid that is produced in the throat, mouth, nose, sinuses, and lungs. The purpose of the body to produce sputum is to protect the surface from lung tissue, throat, nasal passages, and sinus ducts, and to prevent the respiratory tract from becoming dry, so that even in healthy conditions the body will naturally produce sputum but if there are health problems such as moderate flu, cough, sore throat, sinusitis, allergies, infections, or exposure to cigarette smoke and dust can also trigger sputum production to increase even more.

On the other hand that needs further attention is the condition of the baby's mother who has chest retraction, which is a condition where the baby is having difficulty breathing, so that the muscles in the baby's chest and neck area become excessively contracted so that the skin surface on the chest and bones ribs appear sunken because they are interested. If your child is suspected of having a chest retraction and is accompanied by difficulty breathing and or very fast breathing frequency, then you should immediately take your child to the doctor, because the condition can develop even more severe if you do not get proper treatment.

Chest retraction generally occurs when there is a disruption in the respiratory system that can cause oxygen supply to be reduced, then the body will try to compensate breathing becomes much deeper and or faster so that oxygen supply can still be fulfilled. The presence of heart disease in general will not cause a direct retraction, but once there is a condition of heart problems that can cause the lungs to become filled with fluid, so that eventually makes shortness of breath and trigger chest retraction. So not all types of disorders of the heart can trigger chest retraction.

The mother is expected to remain calm and is expected to bring her child back to the pediatrician so that further examination can be done, so that the doctor can understand what conditions actually trigger chest retraction.

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