Slimy Throat

Illustration of Slimy Throat
Illustration: Slimy Throat

Doc, I have a problem with my throat, my throat is slimy, actually it’s been a month my throat is slimy and went to the doctor, and the doctor said I have an allergy and then gave me Cetirizine (if I’m not mistaken) and my throat is healthy and a week later it’s slimy again and I chose not take it again because of drug addiction and feel mucus in the throat does not interfere.

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Hello Benny, thank you for asking at

Reading your complaint, the complaint is indeed not typical for the symptoms of COVID-19 and can be caused by other conditions such as allergic reactions (such as the results of previous examinations), ARI, tonsillitis, inflammation of the throat, or stomach acid disease.

However, because your complaints come back repeatedly and do not experience improvement, it is highly recommended to check your complaints again to the doctor, may the doctor who previously handled you may also visit other doctors asecond opinions.

In the meantime, there are a number of suggestions you can do besides going to a doctor like:

Stay at home and try to keep your distance from other family members
Use a mask even if you are at home, not necessarily a surgical mask, just use a cloth mask
Maintain your food intake so that it is always sufficient and balanced nutrition every day
Avoid foods that are acidic, spicy, high in fat, hard textured, caffeinated and fizzy for a while
Increase vegetable and fruit intake
Maintain a minimum of 2 liters of fluid intake per day
Dispose of phlegm only in the open and immediately flows like in the toilet and flush it properly
Avoid stress wherever possible
Avoid cigarettes and alcoholic drinks
Watch for certain things that trigger your complaints such as dust, cold weather, animal hair, etc., if any, avoid as much as possible
Get enough rest
Doing regular exercise every day for at least 30 minutes per day

Regarding the consumption of paracetamol, the drug does not work to reduce the lump or phlegm in the throat, so it is not recommended for you to consume. In the meantime, you are only encouraged to use lozenges / lozenges which are sold freely on the market until further advice from the doctor examines you. Also try not to stress and worry too much about anything because it can actually worsen the condition.

I hope this helps.

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