Slow Growth In Infants Who Have Experienced Coma

Illustration of Slow Growth In Infants Who Have Experienced Coma
Illustration: Slow Growth In Infants Who Have Experienced Coma

Doc .. I want to ask .. what kind of brain injury is that? The baby was in a coma … for about 1 week being treated in a trigger room 2 weeks … the baby was recovered … but there was a delay in growth and development … but the baby was very active … many stories if we respond he responded. Not yet able to ba bi bu .. but what he likes the language of “mbah and mah” it he says when crying .. his legs really want to stand suk mancat “if he stands erect wants his legs .. his butt if in tengkurepin can ride his butt .. smile come smile if including brain injury like that .. it’s just not strong neck .. so he can lift the neck but not yet as strong as a normal-born baby without history.If placed in the bed; he can rise to the top .. brujul “just because of the urge of the mancat ” yes while screaming “. babble gt … if the baby is long ” will be able to normL like another bay? At the time in physiotherapy.m I ask the question which is fission … what is the baby’s brain injury? Ma’am answered .. no, mb … she only grows slowly … her response is good … must be patient and patient … Is it true that the baby has its own uniqueness related to the development of the child’s development? I am afraid that the child is far away from other children. is there any hope that tab children like other babies will develop? thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Injury or injury is a very broad term in describing a condition. For example, let's say someone is riding a motorcycle and then he crashes and is said to have injured his leg. Injury can take the form of injuries to the skin, can be closed fractures, open fractures, damage that involves or does not involve nerves and blood vessels, and so forth. Thus, the term injury cannot be used to describe a medical condition precisely.

Regarding any brain injury condition, brain injury can be called a mild, moderate, severe brain injury, with various conditions and complications that are difficult to predict without direct examination. So to your question, we apologize in advance but we really can not give the answers you expect. To be able to get that answer, you need to see the child to the pediatrician and possibly the neurologist, because they are the ones who know the extent to which the injury affects the brain, and how well the brain can recover from the injury. The information about growth and development you mentioned does not have much effect, because we don't even know the baby's age and how the chronology of the injury can occur. So the best recommendation is to ask the child's doctor directly about the condition.

When asking, make sure you fully understand the child's developmental expectations, whether it can really return to normal, or if there are certain restrictions, and what can be done at home to stimulate them. What is clear, for now enough to help maintain endurance, provide high-nutrition foods, keep away from sick people, and do not hesitate to consult a doctor if there are symptoms that are worrying. So, hopefully answering your question.

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