Small Bump On The Back Of Baby’s Head?

Illustration of Small Bump On The Back Of Baby’s Head?
Illustration: Small Bump On The Back Of Baby’s Head? Bing

. I want to ask my 6 month old son has a lump on the back of his head & neck. The lump is the size of a pea, hard and can move. Until now, he is 10 months old, how come it hasn’t gone away? Is it dangerous? But my son is still active and his weight keeps increasing every month. Thanks..

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Hello Mrs Nenxyulia,

The lump on the back of the head in your baby is most likely a lymph node. Lymph nodes contain white blood cells whose function is to fight germs that cause infection. If there is an infection such as flu, strep throat, tuberculosis or other infections, these glands work hard so they usually feel enlarged.

In healthy infants, these glands can be palpated, especially at the back of the head. This lump is usually only meaningful if it is more than 1 cm, enlarges more than one, and is accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss, cough for more than 3 weeks, fever, weakness, the lump is getting bigger in size, and so on. If it's just a common cold infection, usually the enlarged glands will shrink back after the flu has healed.

In your child, if the lump has remained the same size for several months, and is not accompanied by other symptoms, it is most likely not a sign of a particular disease. But if you are worried, you can consult your pediatrician directly for further examination.

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