Small Bumps On The Feet After Shaving Leg Hair?

Illustration of Small Bumps On The Feet After Shaving Leg Hair?
Illustration: Small Bumps On The Feet After Shaving Leg Hair?

Good Morning:) r nI am Hilaria, I am currently 22 years old. I want to share about myself before .. r nPreviously I was the type of girl who had hair in the leg area that was so thick, long, black, even slightly curly. Honestly as a woman I am very embarrassed, this makes me lack confidence when wearing skirts / shorts. r nWhen I was in junior high school I started shaving my leg hair a few times, I did this in high school with an increasing frequency. r nUntil now I go to college, I am doing this more and more often. so I bought a laser tool which I will use after I shave my leg hair, so that it grows slowly and is not thick. r nAbout 6 months ago I had a laser shave a few days later there was a small bump on my right leg, pus and was very sick, so that it affected my activities. a week passed the folliculitis was healed, but left quite large marks, sunken and black. I feel very disturbed by this. r n But I still routinely did laser shaving, then 2 weeks ago on my right leg, folliculitis arose again, this had made me feel angry and stressed, because I knew it would leave scars. It turned out that what I was thinking was absolutely correct, but the scars were not as bad as the first. R n2 days ago I measured + laser again … on the right leg, the back grew red bumps like acne, I’m sure this will form folliculitis, I want prevent before it gets worse. any suggestions? r nThank you very much, I appreciate every response from the doctor πŸ™‚

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Hello Hilaria

Folliculitis itself refers to the condition of the skin that is experiencing inflammation, where this inflammatory process originates in the small holes where the hairs or hair grows. The habit of shaving leg hair, frequent skin friction, use of inappropriate creams or beauty products, and wearing gloves or boots, socks, and tight trousers can trigger folliculitis.

Even so, folliculitis is not the only condition with symptoms in the form of a lump in the leg, so Hilaria should check with a doctor first to determine whether it is true folliculitis or not because it may turn out that the complaint is not folliculitis, because the bumps on the feet can also be caused by various things such as following

Impetigo Insect bite Boils Abscess, is a condition in which the formation of a collection of pus centered in a certain area due to infection. Cyst, an abnormal tissue in the form of a sac, where the sac can contain fluid or form other tissue
The handling of each medical condition is of course different, so it is necessary to ascertain in advance what lumps on the feet is currently experiencing by Hilaria. So Hilaria is expected to see a doctor directly so that she can do an examination of the lump. As for some of the things Hilaria can try to do to prevent the condition of the lump from getting heavier is, wash the lump with warm clean water then apply a little povidone iodine solution at least 2x a day, then for the time being you should not shave your leg hair and avoid wearing tight clothes, socks. as well as high shoes to cover the area of ​​the bump.

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