Small Food Suitable For Diabetics?

Illustration of Small Food Suitable For Diabetics?
Illustration: Small Food Suitable For Diabetics?

Are oat8 snacks suitable for diabetics?

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Diabetes is a condition in which high blood sugar levels are above normal /. Diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be controlled so that blood sugar levels can be within normal limits. One way to help maintain blood sugar in addition to regular consumption of diabetes drugs is by setting the right food and a healthy lifestyle.

People who have a history of diabetes need to pay attention to their daily food intake as follows:

Carbohydrates: can choose brown rice, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, boiled potatoes. Reduce consumption of carbohydrates from white rice, white bread, or fried potatoes Protein: you can choose skinless chicken, lean meat, eggs, fish, tofu, tempeh that are processed by steaming or boiling, avoid processing side dishes by frying Milk and dairy products: choose low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, or low-fat cheese. Avoid full cream milk, ice cream, plain yogurt and cheese. Beverages and fruit: multiply water, fresh fruit, fruit juices without sugar. Avoid juices and other drinks with added sugar, sodas, energy drinks and alcohol. Vegetables: choose raw or steamed and roasted vegetables. Avoid vegetables with added sugar, sauce, cheese, or butter. For oatmeal, oatmeal actually contains fiber which is very good for the body. Oatmeal can also be consumed by diabetics. But you should choose oats whose composition is 100% oats or without added sugar. To keep the oats flavor, you can add pieces of fruit to the oats.

If you want to snack, you can choose fresh fruit. Pastries contain lots of added ingredients such as butter, flour, sugar, milk and cream which are not recommended for diabetics. If you want to eat snacks in the form of pastries, you should choose those labeled low sugar, low fat, or pastry snacks specifically for diabetics.

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