Small, Itchy Red Spots On The Palm Of The Hand?

Illustration of Small, Itchy Red Spots On The Palm Of The Hand?
Illustration: Small, Itchy Red Spots On The Palm Of The Hand?

Morning, I am 17 years old, I have itching problems on the palms, there are red spots on both palms and very itchy so it is very annoying. At the age of 15, I had a cold allergy, the doctor said, the allergy lasted a week ago when in 16 years I was exposed to the allergy again for 3 days, then healed and yesterday, 4 days ago I returned to the cold allergy and then it grew together with spots red on the palm, the allergy is now gone but my palms are still itchy and the spots are getting more and more, is this natural? Thank you

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Hello Rizka, thank you for asking.

Itching on the palms can be caused by various things. You should clarify, what skin disorders you experience. Whether in the form of a bump or dense bumps, is there another taste besides itching, and when these symptoms appear. Some examples of conditions related to the onset of red spots and itching on the palms, for example:

Allergic contact dermatitis.
Irritant contact dermatitis.
Bacterial infection.
Fungal infections.
Parasitic infection.

Red spots can be part of an allergic reaction to the temperature you experience. Generally in the form of resilience that feels so itchy to irritate. Can arise on the palms and soles of the feet. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what conditions trigger an allergic reaction, making it difficult to avoid triggers.

You should consult with your doctor first. The doctor needs to do a physical examination to find out what diagnoses you may experience. After that, the doctor will adjust the therapy. If it is caused by an allergy, the doctor can give anti-histamine. Remember, you should not take medication carelessly than recommended by your doctor, because it might worsen allergic reactions. As much as possible avoid scratching these spots. Cut the nails so they don't get long and hurt the hands.

Thus my information, hopefully can be useful. Regards.

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