Small Lump In The Elbow But Not Painful?

Illustration of Small Lump In The Elbow But Not Painful?
Illustration: Small Lump In The Elbow But Not Painful?

Good afternoon, I am 19 years old I want to ask my elbow there is a small lump that does not hurt, it can be moved, I rub, I have tried a puncture that comes out clear water has no smell and does not fester, do you think this is a lipoma? R nThank you.

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Hi Nurul,

Thank you for asking

A lump that is small, painless, easy to move, and leaks water when poked may indicate the following conditions:

Skin infections, for example folliculitis, warts, herpes zoster, impetigo, cutaneous candidiasis Pilaris cysts (benign, fluid-filled sacs that grow from hair follicles) Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin due to contact with irritating or allergenic substances) Burns Benign or malignant tumors ( including lipoma), etc. Need to clarify, how big is the exact size of the lump? Since when did it appear? Does it appear on other areas of your body?

A lipoma can cause a lump around the elbow. This lipoma occurs due to an overgrowth of fatty tissue on the skin, forming a lump. However, in general, a lump that appears due to a lipoma will not produce a lot of clear fluid when poked. In addition, lipomas also appear more frequently in areas of the body where there is more fat deposited. Very rarely does a lipoma occur in the elbow area.

The exact cause of a lump cannot be determined based solely on the brief description you mentioned. A thorough examination of the doctor or surgeon is required, including a biopsy. Therefore, we recommend that you check yourself directly at the nearest health facility.

At this time, you should no longer force-prick any lumps that appear. In addition to triggering sores and irritation, it can also lead to secondary infection of your lump, making it harder to heal. Not only that, you should also improve your personal hygiene, avoid activities that cause excessive friction in the elbow that has a lump, also avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, especially in the arm area. Finally, avoid giving careless treatment to lumps that appear without the advice of a doctor.

Hope it helps ..

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