Small Lump On The Neck And Felt Rubbery?

Illustration of Small Lump On The Neck And Felt Rubbery?
Illustration: Small Lump On The Neck And Felt Rubbery?

Assalamaualaikum, I want to ask a question. Sorry if my question is long. About a month ago I had time to drop due to lack of sleep and rest until finally fever, flu and sore throat. Within that 2 week period, I felt well, then I dropped, then I was well again. When the pain causes a small lump “around the neck. If I feel the texture feels rubbery but does not hurt. But in the end it disappears. I have read in several sources, he said it is natural because the lymph nodes are working against inflammation. R r ” n r nBut just Monday last week I was in good shape, but around the bottom of my left ear a little sore, and my neck is warm when I touch it. Starting like a lump appears, but springy. Initially not too big. But the impact My neck hurts so sleep goes awry. It turns out that within 7 days the lump was the size of a free-range chicken egg and started to harden but the pain was lessening. Because of that size, I couldn’t open my mouth wide “because it felt like a lump, swallowing was painful. . Is this dangerous? R n r nP.s in 2016 I had surgery for a thyroid lump, is there any effect? ​​ R n r nThank you for your attention.

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Lumps in the neck / tip of the jaw can be caused by various causes. On the body there are lymph nodes. Lymph nodes can be slightly enlarged if there is an infection or inflammation in the surrounding area. for example, the lymph nodes in the neck area can become enlarged if there is strep throat or respiratory tract infection.

The lump at the tip of the jaw may not be related to the thyroid. Thyroid lumps usually start in the middle of the neck.

If at this time the lump at the tip of the jaw is enlarging again to the size of a chicken egg, maybe one of them could be caused by glandular tuberculosis infection. TB is an infection from bacteria that can infect various organs of the body such as the lungs, bones, lymph nodes to the brain. Glandular tuberculosis can cause symptoms such as prolonged weakness, low-grade fever, fatigue, and lumps in lymph nodes such as in the neck. The lump is usually solid / hard, and usually multiple lumps. If indeed your condition is caused by glandular tuberculosis, it is necessary with certain drugs such as anti-TB drugs.

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

Nonspecific bacterial lymphadenitis
Kimura disease
Thyroid cancer

Therefore, to determine the cause of the condition you are experiencing, further examination by an oncologist is required. maybe later additional tests will be done such as blood tests, ultrasound, CT scan, or biopsy. so the doctor can know for sure your cause.

It is recommended that you do not smoke, get enough rest. avoid alcohol consumption. drink enough water. consume enough vegetables and fruit. avoid excessive stress yes. Use a mask when outdoors.

Here's an article that you can read about lymph nodes

may be useful. thank you

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