Small Lumps In The Legs That Are Increasingly Hardening?

Illustration of Small Lumps In The Legs That Are Increasingly Hardening?
Illustration: Small Lumps In The Legs That Are Increasingly Hardening?

Hello. I have lumps on my feet, at first they are really small, so clear when I look at it, it gets bigger and bigger, it becomes more dense and hurts when pierced. The shape is like a volcano, but the middle is like a crater. I searched for the fish eye, but I’m not sure because I myself don’t know what the fish eye is like. Initially it appeared 1, it gradually became 2, I have already seen a doctor, he said callus, as a result in a small surgery. Because it was too big. After it healed, but the wound with the biggest stitches took a long time to ache, hard and like swelling like that, I thought it would grow again so I gave it a callusol, because the doctor had told me to call it callusol. Well now, I have grown again 2 spots, I have given callus, peel it off, but apparently it hasn’t disappeared, the bump appears again. Well, earlier, after I noticed that there were 2 small bumps on my feet. Please advise, I walk limping every day, but more than that I worry that it might be dangerous, I feel sorry for myself, more than ever I do not want to add to the burden on my parents. Help Cito

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Fish eye or clavus is a condition when a bump appears in an area that tends to be affected by friction, it can be an area of ​​the foot or hand, which is characterized by a lump that thickens on the edge and there is a dark area in the middle so that it resembles the eye of a fish. These lumps are also painful when pressed and become very disturbing in undergoing daily activities.

Because it appears due to friction, usually those who experience this condition are those who use uncomfortable footwear, be it oversized or too small, those who play musical instruments such as guitars, those who walk on the inside of their feet or have deformed feet from birth.

In your case, because we didn't get that history of friction in your story, we also can't be certain whether it's fish eye or not, especially we didn't see it directly. Another possibility is that abnormal tissue growth, skin tags, molluscum contagiosum, HPV infection, or ulceration that appear after a certain infection is preceded. Unfortunately, with so many possibilities and conditions that are uncertain, the best step that can be taken is to see a doctor. Guessing the handling will only have the potential to harm yourself.

Therefore, we recommend that you check your condition with a surgeon or dermatologist for immediate viewing, and if you are later given medication as now, and do not improve or even worsen, return to the same doctor to evaluate your condition. If you are worried about payment cases, you can try health insurance like BPJS, only this means you cannot go directly to a specialist doctor but must go to a puskesmas doctor first, and you are only referred if by the puskesmas doctor you are declared to need specialist treatment. But the point you have to remember is that the examination is mandatory, regardless of whether you are examined by a general practitioner or specialist.

Meanwhile, no need to worry too much, wear comfortable footwear, limit physical activity, wear socks too, don't press, squeeze or scratch the bump, don't use the drug that was previously used until it was stated by the doctor who will check you. So, hopefully answering your question.

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