Small Lumps Like Pimples On A Child’s Eyelids?

Good afternoon, I want to ask. My child is still a toddler aged 4 years on his eyelids there are many small lumps like pimples, and now it’s enlarged. Initially I let it go because I thought it was just a small pimple that disappeared by itself. Can you ask for an explanation of the causes and consequences? Then how to cure it, I am afraid that the lumps are getting bigger and bigger, I have tried to go to the puskesmas but not given ointment, only given anti-allergic medicines. Please help.

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Hello Heri Maulana, thank you for asking

Your complaint can be caused by several conditions, including:

clogged oil glands. Medically this condition is called hordeolum. There are two types of hordeolum, namely internal (on the inner eyelid) and external (on the surface of the eyelid skin). Blockage of the oil gland can be triggered by dead skin cells that accumulate due to lack of maintaining facial hygiene or due to a buildup of bacteria.
infection of the pores where the eyelashes grow. this situation will also cause a bump like acne on the eyelid.

blepharitis or inflammation in the eye group. this condition can be caused by infection, side effects of the drug or because of lice in the eyelashes

your actions to get yourself checked at the health center are correct. before giving the medicine, the doctor handling your child must have checked and made the diagnosis. for that use the drug given in accordance with the instructions for use. compress the swollen area and avoid touching the swollen area often, especially if the hand is not cleaned. If within 3 days there is no improvement, you should see an eye doctor

so hopefully this information is useful

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