Small Lumps On The Head Like Acne?

Illustration of Small Lumps On The Head Like Acne?
Illustration: Small Lumps On The Head Like Acne?

? I adi, age 30 years, I was confused by the existence of a small lump in my head, and I thought initially acne eh it was not. the color resembles the color of the skin and the size remains soft and doesn’t want to be squeezed like a pimple. what is it actually?

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Hello Adi Adhi, thank you for asking using

Previously the doctor needed additional information about your complaint, how long has your complaint been felt, where is the location of the lump and how big is the lump? Are there other complaints such as cough, runny nose, painful swallowing, fever or other complaints?

Some causes of the lump that you feel include:

Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes)
Other tumors on the body (pilomatrixoma)

Lumps can occur due to abnormal growth of body cells, infection of the skin, or due to enlargement of the lymph nodes. You should be advised to consult with a surgeon because in order to know the exact cause of the lump, more complete data is needed, a direct physical examination of the lump or other investigations such as ultrasound or biopsy. You are advised to pay attention to the size of the lump and especially if the lump is getting bigger and bigger, painful, bleeding easily you should immediately consult a doctor,

Some things you can do for now include:

Avoid scratching, pressing or trying to remove the lump by force
Adequate rest and consumption of nutritious foods
Consuming enough water
Routine exercise
Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol

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Hopefully this information can be useful. thanks.

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