Small Worms Come Out Of The Vagina When Urinating?

Illustration of Small Worms Come Out Of The Vagina When Urinating?
Illustration: Small Worms Come Out Of The Vagina When Urinating?

, I have been married for about 2 years and do not have children, my age is towards 25 years. The last few months .. I felt a strange thing, when after my menstrual period I urinated there was a worm with a very small diameter coming out along with my urine .. well just yesterday I peed during an obstacle, apparently I saw a very small worm that was like redness kinds of blood tp move

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Hello Andi, thank you for your question

Parasites can be found from various samples of body fluids, one of which is through a urine sample. However, especially in women, keep in mind that the urethra (the end of the urinary tract) is located adjacent to the vagina and anus (the end of the gastrointestinal tract). Thus, there is a possibility of contamination from the vagina or anus mixed with urine.

Here are some parasites that can be found from a urine sample:

Trichomonas vaginalis - causes infection in the vagina and is often accompanied by an increase in puth blood cells Entrobius vermicularis - is a pinworm with a white physical appearance that usually infects in the gastrointestinal tract, precisely in the large intestine Schistosoma haematobium - causes schistosomiasis, can live in human organs, including bladder To overcome your worries, it's a good idea to consult a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will conduct a medical history interview, physical examination, and additional tests, such as blood tests, urine or stool sample tests. After confirming the diagnosis, then the doctor will determine whether or not you need further treatment. While waiting for the doctor's treatment, keep maintaining cleanliness around your female area.

Hopefully this information is useful

dr. LIli

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