Smelling Blood On The Nose When You Wake Up?

Illustration of Smelling Blood On The Nose When You Wake Up?
Illustration: Smelling Blood On The Nose When You Wake Up?

good morning doctor, sorry to bother I want to ask a nose problem. Every time you wake up, you always smell the smell of blood but there is no nosebleed and there is no bleeding in the nose. and occasionally there is blood even though there is no wound on the nose. why is that? please explain

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Hi Octa,

Thank you for asking

Frequent smell of blood, accompanied by the appearance of blood spots from the nose could indicate the following conditions:

Nasal polyps (benign tumors originating from the mucosa of the nasal cavity, smooth, soft, mucus easily, can cause sufferers to experience nasal congestion, easy nosebleeds, smell disorders, pain around the face and head, often heavy in the morning, or when lying down slanted to one side of the nose)

Rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the sinus and nasal cavities, often caused by allergies, irritation, or infection of the nasal cavity, usually complaints will appear accompanied by a runny nose, nasal congestion, abnormal discharge from the nasal cavity, headache, facial pain, olfactory disturbances, tooth pain, taste disorder, and so on)
Enter the foreign object into the nasal cavity
Other benign or malignant tumors in the nasal cavity
Mental disorders, and so on

Sores in the nasal cavity are not always clearly visible. If it is true that there is blood coming out of your nasal cavity, even if the amount is small, it certainly means that there is an injury in your nasal cavity, even though it may be small. In most cases, the conditions as you are in are not dangerous. However, if it appears prolonged, of course this can be very annoying.

Need to be evaluated beforehand, apart from odor and blood spots appearing from the nasal cavity, are there any other complaints that you experience, such as nasal congestion, runny nose, dizziness, headache, sneezing, coughing, fever, olfactory problems, and so on? How long have you had this complaint?

If complaints have been felt for weeks, or more, especially when accompanied by various complaints as mentioned above, you should check with your doctor or ENT specialist. Through examinations using special tools, namely rhinoscopy or nasal endoscopy, doctors can generally give you the best treatment. If no organic abnormality is suspected, you may also be referred to a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) for a more in-depth psychiatric interview.

What you should do in the meantime is:

Do lots of relaxation, calm yourself from excessive mental stress
Sleep regularly
Try to avoid staying too long in an environment that is too cold, has dry air, and has a strong smell
Do not over-scratch your nose
Use a nose mask so you don't get into substances that are harmful to the airways
Increase inhalation of warm steam, for example by using a bowl filled with warm water added with salt to help reduce inflammation around the nasal cavity
Do not take drugs carelessly

Hope it helps ..

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