Illustration of Sn?
Illustration: Sn?

I already know 3 more outpatient care …. u003cbr u003but it’s been 7 months no more medicine u003cbr u003but ea sense is normal there is no pain. u003e ## u003cspan style = “color: # 000000; font-family: museosans300, sans-serif; ” u003 as how to solve it. u003c / span u003e

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Hello Indra

First of all, I want to confirm that the SN you mean is Nephrotic Syndrome, which is a kidney disorder so that eventually the body will lose protein because the kidneys are damaged, especially in the nephrons, which are responsible for filtering protein so that the protein does not come out along with urine.

Symptoms that may arise from a patient with SN are body weakness, loss of appetite, increased blood pressure (hypertension), swelling of the body, abdominal pain, and foamy urine.

The cause of SN itself varies, such as the presence of kidney injury, auto immune disease, the effects of using certain drugs, lupus, genetic diseases, and cancer.

The basic principle of SN treatment is to prevent the existing disorder from getting worse and try to stop the cause, then how long treatment will take will depend on what is the root cause of SN in you, because even though there are some people diagnosed with SN conditions not necessarily undergoing the same treatment.

Even though the symptoms experienced by Indra seemed to be no longer there, Indra was advised to return to the doctor so that he could confirm whether Indra's current condition was safe enough to discontinue treatment, the cure rate for SN varied from person to person and again returned to it. the extent to which the triggering factor SN causes kidney disorders, one thing to note is that even if a person has recovered from the condition SN, that person has the possibility to experience SN again. Given that SN that is not handled properly can cause more serious kidney damage so it is very unfortunate if you do not continue treatment without taking the doctor's consideration, that is why it is necessary to re-examine by an internal medicine doctor or a pediatrician (if the age is under 17 years) , especially for those whose SN condition is caused by auto-immune disease.

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dr. Arnold

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