Snapping Sounds In Patients With Cleft Lip?

Illustration of Snapping Sounds In Patients With Cleft Lip?
Illustration: Snapping Sounds In Patients With Cleft Lip?

Tonight … I want to ask why when the sufferer of a cleft lip speaks he feels that what he hears from his mouth sounds clearly like a normal human voice but when other people who hear the voice of the sufferer even sound nasally … does the sufferer of the cleft lip also experience interference hearing that causes what he makes out of his mouth sounds normal but when other people who hear his voice even heard nasal / dungung / bindeng? Thank you…

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Hello Arita Diah,

Cleft lip is a congenital disorder resulting in lip deformities that can be accompanied by gum deformities and also the palate that forms a gap. Cleft lip occurs due to failure of union experienced in the second-third month of gestational age. Risk factors for cleft lip include genetic factors, gender (more men), pregnant women suffering from diabetes since before pregnancy, folic acid deficiency during pregnancy, exposure to certain substances during pregnancy.

Cleft lip patients will experience symptoms:

Difficulty sucking / suckling as a baby
Trouble swallowing food
Blatant voice (hypernasality)
Chronic ear infection

A nasal voice can arise due to a gap in the mouth. Human voice arises because of vibrations from the vocal cords, then the oral cavity is an important part for articulation and resonance in forming the pronunciation of letters or words. In patients with cleft lip disorders can be found velopharyngeal closure that results in no separation of the resonance of the oral sound (oral cavity) and nasal (nose). In normal people nasal sounds can be heard only in consonant pronunciation such as M, N, or NG. Whereas in cleft lip patients, consonants such as D can be mixed with nasal sounds which result in sounds like N. Similarly, other consonants that should use oral resonance such as P, B, T will be mixed with nasal resonance in cleft lip patients.

Cleft lip treatment needs to be done adequately, comprehensively, in a scheduled manner so that it can help the child get good nutrition (eating and drinking) and also so that the child can learn to speak properly. Besides surgery will also reconstruct and provide a good cosmetic appearance for children. It is not enough to just surgery, other therapies such as speech therapy are also needed for older children who have surgery to get used to the new oral condition and to get the correct way of speaking that they could not previously practice because of the gap in the mouth / lips.

We do hear our voices differently from others. Because when we hear our own voice, we hear through 2 mechanisms, namely through the bone and also through the ear-ear drum capture. Usually we will hear our voice lower (deep) than others hear. Hearing loss can also cause someone to hear the sound itself is different from what people hear.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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