Sneezing And Snot Out Every Morning?

Illustration of Sneezing And Snot Out Every Morning?
Illustration: Sneezing And Snot Out Every Morning?

Tonight doctor .. Sorry to disturb his time. I want to ask why Well my nose is wobbly every morning I always sneeze and sneeze like water and every time what if I get something in my nose I also often sneeze in a long enough time doctor. And in the sky * my throat is also swollen. Do you think that’s a symptom of a disease? Well doctor? Sorry, my question is rather long .. Thank you …

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the complaints you mentioned seem to lead to allergies. Allergy is the reaction of the human immune system to certain objects, which should not cause reactions in other people's bodies. These reactions can occur in the form of colds, skin rashes, or even breathing. Allergic reactions that occur in each person are different, from mild reactions such as sneezing. to severe reactions, that is anaphylaxis.

Allergic reactions that arise also depend on the type of allergen. Allergies are caused by immune system reactions to allergens that are different in each person. Some examples of allergens are dust, cold weather such as morning, pet dead skin, peanuts, insect bites, drugs, plants (for example poisonous plants) and latex material. Symptoms of allergies in each person is different, can be mild or severe. Symptoms can include sneezing, runny nose, red and itchy eyes, itchy skin rashes, to shortness of breath.

to ensure that the condition alergan or not you can immediately visit a doctor, the doctor will conduct a direct examination where the doctor will ask for symptoms that appear and the activities carried out before the appearance of these symptoms, and do a physical examination. The doctor can also perform allergic skin tests and blood tests on patients to prove the occurrence of allergic reactions. If the allergen triggers are known, patients can avoid contact with allergens to prevent allergic reactions. To relieve the symptoms of allergies that arise, the doctor can give antiallergic drugs.

while a swollen ceiling can be caused by

 trauma or irritation where consuming food that is too hot can irritate the palate. In addition, eating foods that are too hard can cause trauma to the palate, which will eventually cause swelling in the palate. dehydration makes the mouth dry and can eventually cause swelling in the palate. diseases of the mouth such as squamous papilloma, cysts that appear mucosal and fungal infections you should immediately consult an ENT doctor regarding the swelling, so you can do a direct examination to find out the cause so that the doctor can carry out treatment according to the cause.

there are some things you can do at home

 Keep your teeth and mouth clean by brushing your teeth and gargling regularly using an antiseptic mouthwash Avoid indiscriminate drug consumption (other than over-the-counter drugs) without doctor's advice Meanwhile, limit the consumption of foods that irritate the oral cavity, for example spicy, oily food so the info I can give

hopefully can help

get well soon for you

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