Sneezing Constantly When It Is Cold?

Illustration of Sneezing Constantly When It Is Cold?
Illustration: Sneezing Constantly When It Is Cold?

Hello, I am 17 years old for more than a month I experience sneezing every time I wake up in the morning or afternoon or even at night also when the weather is cold or there is a pungent scent, sneezing is also not enough twice this time up to many times until sometimes my mother likes to get angry angry because it’s noisy I sneeze continuously, after sneezing immediately followed by a runny nose so. before or after getting out of bed also sometimes my eyes are very itchy sometimes I like rubbing it until it is very red like it hurts. after sneezing and runny nose definitely immediately followed by dizziness in the head and throat that itch but not cough. but it is only the throat and throat feels hot. Is it dangerous? What is the solution? What is the cause and effect?

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Looking at the symptoms you mentioned, chances are you are experiencing allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory condition in the nose that occurs due to exposure to certain allergens from inhaled air. Allergens themselves can vary, but the most often trigger allergic rhinitis include dust mites, animal dandruff, plant pollen, mold spores, cockroach particles, etc. In allergic rhinitis, in addition to experiencing sneezing and runny nose (fluid coming out of the nose), sufferers also often experience other symptoms such as itching on the nose, itching and runny in the eyes, itching in the throat, feeling weak and feeling unwell.

Another condition that you may have is vasomotor rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis is inflammation of the nose that is not triggered by allergens. Triggers for vasomotor rhinitis can also vary, including changes in temperature and weather, air pollution, cigarette smoke, sharp odors, certain foods, drugs, hormonal changes, etc. In vasomotor rhinitis, sufferers may experience symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing, but are usually not accompanied by symptoms such as itching on the nose, itching on the eyes, or itching on the throat.
Allergic rhinitis or vasomotor rhinitis is basically not a dangerous disease and can be prevented by avoiding the trigger. The following are some things you can do:
Clean your house from dust. Replace and wash your sheets and bolsters at least once a week, furniture that can store dust and cannot be washed must also be vacuumed regularly. Don't sleep together with dolls that store dust. Don't sleep with certain animals that might cause you to have allergies. Clean the back of cabinets, beds, tables, etc. that allows mold to grow and also clean the corners of the house. underneath which may be a place to store dead cockroaches Adjust the temperature of the room to be comfortable enough for you. If the weather is cold or the room temperature is too cold for you, wear layers of clothing Use a mask if you go out of the house and the environment around you a lot of air pollution Avoid smoking and avoid exposure to cigarette smoke Consult your doctor if you want to look for specific allergens that trigger your allergies or if indeed the symptoms are very disturbing and often repeat despite having done the things above.

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