Snellen Chart Eye Examination?

Illustration of Snellen Chart Eye Examination?
Illustration: Snellen Chart Eye Examination?

, I was mcu and my eyesight was 0.05, how much is the estimated lens?

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Hello Chintyaw,

In explaining the results, you should include a detailed description of what symptoms are taking you to consult with your doctor and what checks are performed. In visual examination (visual acuity), the most commonly used snellen optotype (snellen chart). However, Snellen's optotype consists of various types. Some use the unit of measurement of feet, some are using the unit of meters. Some use the benchmark 6 meters as normal vision, others use the benchmark 4 m or 5 m. So we cannot give directional advice without knowing very well what type of snellen optotype is used.

It is possible that the number you mentioned is a decimal value from the results of the vision which was originally a fractional value. A value of 0.05 might mean that your vision is 20/400 ft or 6/120 m (again, depending on the type of snellen optotype). That is, to be able to read letters that people with normal vision can read at a distance of 120 m, you must be at a distance of 6 m. So in general, your vision is around 1/20 visus of normal people.

The magnitude of the lens correction value depends on the vision value, the condition of the retina, the condition of the cornea, the condition of the structure in the eyeball, and the condition of the optic nerve. The doctor who treats you is the one who knows the most. Consult this matter with an eye doctor. Your doctor may order a refractionist to find which lens is most comfortable for your vision. Lens values ​​can only be obtained from lens trials. So, don't delay too long to consult with an eye doctor. The longer you delay, the more hampered you are in carrying out everyday activities.

Limit the amount of time staring at an electronic screen. Make sure the room or environment is not dimmer than the screen. Rest your eyes every 20 minutes, staring at a point as far as at least 6 m, for 20 seconds. Hopefully this information can be useful. Regards.

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