Snot Color Differences In The Nose

Illustration of Snot Color Differences In The Nose
Illustration: Snot Color Differences In The Nose

hello doc, and good morning. i want to ask you about my illness in the past 3 days, my snot mucus is different in color between right and left, on the left the color of my snot is green and the right is clear, from the difference in snot my facial bones left side and my head often dizzy, I asked for enlightenment and medicine. thank you

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Hello Soleh

Thank you for the question.

Clear mucus that comes out of the nose often occurs naturally when you are in a cold environment. It could also, this clear mucus out more due to the activity of mucous cells in the nasal cavity that increases when the nose is inflamed (rhinitis) due to exposure to allergens, irritants, and even also has a viral infection around the nasal cavity and airway. However, if the nasal mucus is greenish, often this indicates that you have a bacterial infection. Other factors, such as sinusitis, benign or malignant tumors around the nasal cavity, and even the entry of foreign objects into the nasal cavity can trigger this condition. Most likely, pain and dizziness around your face and head appear because of the disruption in your nose.

To be given the best treatment, you need to see yourself directly to the doctor or ENT doctor. Because, if it is true that the bacterial infection triggers it, then handling it too late is worried it could cause the infection to spread to other areas. Usually, to confirm the diagnosis, your doctor will direct you to undergo an illumination test, blood tests, x-rays, endoscopic nasal cavity, CT scan, and so on.

In the meantime, you can do:

Wear a mask while the nose is still slimy
Do not hold the face and the area around the nose with dirty hands
Warm compresses on your dizzy face and head, also take paracetamol if the dizziness has not subsided
Expand to rest in the house, do not go out unless urgent
Stay away from things that can make inflammation in the nasal cavity, such as cold, dry air, dust, smoke, pollution, animal hair, and so on
Do not pry excessive nose, especially with dirty hands
Keep yourself clean and the environment around you
Live a healthy lifestyle every day

Hope this helps ...

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