Soaking Contact Lenses With Eye Drops?

Illustration of Soaking Contact Lenses With Eye Drops?
Illustration: Soaking Contact Lenses With Eye Drops?

Hello. I want to ask .. After I used the contact lens, the liquid on the contact lens started to dry and I had run out of the contact lens … Because I didn’t want my contact lens to dry, I replaced the contact lens liquid using the liquid eye pain medication and soaked the contact lens with the pain medication. those eyes .. Will there be any side effects later if I use soflens later?

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Hello Meilani,

Routine use of contact lenses requires special care. You must always maintain the cleanliness of your contact lenses and must also be considered in storage. The liquid used to soak contact lenses requires a special liquid. Usually washing liquid or for immersing contact lenses such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, poloxamer, edetate disodium, monobasic sodium phosphate, PHMB, HPMC, these contents usually have their respective functions in maintaining softlens such as having functions for:

serves to regulate the release of oxygen from the lens to the eye
regulating water balance and maintaining humidity softlens
remove impurities such as bacteria or proteins that attach to contact lenses
preservative softlens

While the Insto liquid has less content such as hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose which functions as a lubricant or as artificial tears, it is used to treat symptoms of dry eye or red eye due to the use of contact lenses or other conditions. It is not recommended to use insto as a substitute for contact lens fluids because of differences in the content in it, insto cannot function as a contact lens cleaner so it is most likely that there are bacteria still attached to your contact lens and there is a risk of eye infection or irritation to your eyes during subsequent use. Also the condition of the contact lens which dries can also cause stiffness or a lump in the next use that can trigger irritation in your eyes, you should not use it again and immediately replace it also buy liquid contact lenses. Here are the things you need to consider in the treatment of the use of contact lenses:

Always wash contact lenses with special liquids before and after using contact lenses
Soak the contact lens with a special liquid
change the immersion water every day
always wash your hands before and after cleaning the contact lens or if you want to use contact lenses or removing soft lenses
note the start date of use and the usage limit must be appropriate
do not use it again and throw it away if the contact lens is uncomfortable and has a lump
the following article you can read how to care for contact lenses

Go to an ophthalmologist if your eyes are red and do not subside with the use of artificial eye drops to be able to do a direct examination if there are serious problems
do not rub your eyes, if the eyes feel itchy
Hope it is useful, thank you

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