Soflen Entered Behind The Eyes?

Illustration of Soflen Entered Behind The Eyes?
Illustration: Soflen Entered Behind The Eyes?

Hello good Morning . My daughter wants to ask signs or signs soflen get behind the eyes or eyelids like what are the characteristics felt?

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Hello Princess Amelia. thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

The use of contact lenses today is very popular with the public, especially women with the aim of beautifying themselves. The colors and types of contact lenses also vary so as to further enhance its attractiveness to wear. Many questions arise about how to use and the dangers of using contact lenses, whether if you forget to remove the contact lens, contact lens can fall into the back of the eyeball so it can not be taken? Here is a brief explanation from me.

Contact lenses / commonly called contact lenses are a pair of small plastic / silicon that is affixed to the eyeball to improve the sharpness of vision or just to change the shape and color of the eyeball for a while. But in its use, it is not uncommon for contact lenses to cause several annoying complaints such as:

 Allergy to the use of contact lenses. Unusual complaints arise (heat, itching, burning, pain). Vision becomes blurred. Inflammation of the eyes (usually arises redness, pain, etc.). Swelling of the eyelids, and pain in the eyes. Bacterial, fungal, viral infections. Complaints can arise some time after wearing contact lenses / contact lenses, taking too long to use contact lenses (forgetting to use contact lenses), or even using contact lenses that are not clean in their use or removal from the eyeball. In the opinion of the possibility of contact lens to fall behind the eyes is very unlikely because there is no gap between the eyelids, with the eyeball (conjunctiva). There are folds between the eyelids and eyeballs that are fused or called the Fornix conjunctiva. Fornix is ​​in the form of a small angle so that if there is a contact lens that is forgotten in pulling out it is likely that the contact lens will be stopped there.

Some other possibilities if the contact lens disappears after forgetting to pull out are the contact lens dropped from your eyeball, the contact lens is folded and stuck in the upper or lower eyelid, folded and stuck in the fornix conjunctiva, or even before you forgot not to use contact lenses. If the things above occur, such as contact lenses lodged in the eyelid, the first complaint you will feel is that the eyes feel lumpy and runny. So that if left unchecked can cause some complications and complaints that I have described above.

For that you can do is:

 If you feel your contact lens is lagging in your eyes, don't worry and find the contact lens immediately. After meeting, take to use cotton bud or cotton to hook the contact lens. Maintain cleanliness in the use of contact lenses both before and after use. Avoid using excessive contact lenses because they can cause eye irritation. If there are serious complaints, immediately visit an ophthalmologist for a consultation and examination directly. That's all the answers I give, hopefully you answer.

Thank you, always healthy :)

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