Soft Lump On The Head Of A Toddler Due To Falling Enlarged?

Illustration of Soft Lump On The Head Of A Toddler Due To Falling Enlarged?
Illustration: Soft Lump On The Head Of A Toddler Due To Falling Enlarged?

My 1.5 year old son fell and hit his head and there was a bump on the right forehead. The next day it bounced and hit the back of the head on the floor. During the first and second falls, the child just cried a few moments. On the 3rd day, the lump grew as wide as the forehead (soft and colorless bruises). On the 4th day, the lump got bigger. Then I take it to the general practice doctor. The doctor said, the lump was filled with fluid and then the drug was put together. The doctor ordered, if there is no change in 1 week, the child asks the pediatrician to be referred.

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After experiencing a head injury, a soft lump that appears on the child's head, most likely caused by edema. This condition occurs when interstitial fluid seeps due to being triggered by an injury. Often, this edema is harmless and will improve by itself in less than 1 week after injury. As long as your child does not experience severe complaints, such as vomiting, severe headaches (usually making children fussy and difficult to sleep), seizures, or even loss of consciousness, you really do not need to worry.

In addition to undergoing medical treatment, try to overcome these lumps with the following efforts:

Compress the bump on the child's forehead area with ice cubes
Raise the child's head during sleep, for example by using a higher pillow
Do not carelessly give medication or ointment on the child's forehead without doctor's advice
Do not press or massage carelessly bumps on the child's forehead
Give children enough water to drink and eat
Ask the child not to touch his or her forehead too much
Be more careful about looking after children, so that children do not experience repeated injuries

However, if with the steps above your child's complaint still does not improve, you can check your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician for further examination. Evaluating your child's condition in more depth can be done by a doctor doing some radiological tests, such as x-rays or CT scans. In this way, the potential for dangerous conditions, such as skin infections, benign or malignant tumors, or more severe head injuries (such as those that cause skull fractures or hydrocephalus) can certainly be identified and treated earlier.

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