Solution For 11-month-old Babies Who Have Difficulty Drinking Milk And Eating?

Illustration of Solution For 11-month-old Babies Who Have Difficulty Drinking Milk And Eating?
Illustration: Solution For 11-month-old Babies Who Have Difficulty Drinking Milk And Eating?

I am permitted to ask, I have a child from a baby until now 11 months of age who is less fond of breastfeeding and his weight has not changed. I have tried the Consul but still he is less fond of breastfeeding and eating, what should I do? Please give me a solution and suggestion?

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Basically every human being will eat because of hunger. The human body will automatically experience hunger at every time that has been conceptualized by the body's nervous system. In babies, this hunger will appear more often. So that babies less than 6 months of age need breast milk at least every 3 hours or 8 times a day. There are even more frequent children. In infants aged after 6 months, where babies have received MPASI (complementary feeding), babies generally have begun to rarely ask for breast milk.
So, your baby may not like to suckle as you think. You need to know, there are several things that can cause babies not want to breastfeed, namely:
1. Wrong attachment system between mother and baby. The mother can choose a comfortable nursing position, whether sitting or lying down. Every time you breastfeed, position the mother as comfortably as possible before positioning the baby. Then face the baby (from head, body to feet) perfectly facing the mother's chest. This means that not only the head is confronted, so that the baby is in the head turned position, this will make the baby's neck stiff. Then place the baby's hand close to the side of the mother's body behind the mother's back (so that the baby seems to hug the mother). Meanwhile, the other baby's hand can be held by the mother or let it play on the mother's chest.
2. There is no fabric of feeling that mother creates when breastfeeding a baby. Mothers can have a good relationship when the baby suckles by looking at the baby while talking or joking and playing the fingers of the baby's hand. Keep things that can damage this condition, such as playing cellphones, calling, talking to other people and watching TV.
3. The quantity and quality of breast milk is not enough for the baby. To be able to increase it, mothers can consume highly nutritious foods, which are high in calories and high in protein. Enough with a glass of milk every day. Besides that, drink lots of water and consume fruit snacks regularly every day.
You can try to correct the mistakes that you made. Try to apply some of the tips above. If the baby gets good quality breast milk, then the milk will contain vitamins that can increase the baby's appetite. So that you don't have to worry anymore about the baby, you don't want to eat the food. Thus the weight and height of the baby will increase.
Don't forget to always check the child's growth and development to the nearest posyandu and give the child immunizations.

If with the tips above the baby is still not willing to breastfeed, the mother should consult with a pediatrician so that further examination and treatment can be done.

Thus hopefully useful.

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