Solution For Acne Scars?

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afternoon, I want to ask how to treat facial skin with acne, how do you do it? should there be special attention to the face?

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Hi kerry,

Acne is an infection on the surface of the skin due to blackheads that clog pores. Acne often appears as a result of hormonal activity, poor facial hygiene, excessive stress or a high-fat diet. In addition, acne also often appears on oily skin. Acne that heals often leaves scars on the skin that can be in the form of scars or abrasions and can cause brown or black spots on the face.

Some steps that can be taken to prevent the appearance of acne include:

Clean your face every time you do activities, especially when you are outside, Avoid consuming foods that are too fatty Avoid excessive stress Get enough rest Use the right face wash and avoid using cosmetics that often change
In addition, scars such as black spots on the skin due to acne can disappear on their own without medical action within a few months, but acne scars that appear as acne scars are generally required to take action to remove acne scars, so you should consult a doctor first for an examination. on skin types, acne and also types of acne scars on the skin so that treatment and products can be determined according to skin type and management to remove acne scars on your skin.

I hope this information is helpful


dr. Irvandi

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