Solution For Children Who Have Difficulty Eating?

Illustration of Solution For Children Who Have Difficulty Eating?
Illustration: Solution For Children Who Have Difficulty Eating?

I want to ask if the kids don’t like rice, what should I do? My child likes snacks, the bb is still rising … how is the solution please?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Facing children who have difficulty eating can indeed be frustrating, especially if the difficulty of children to eat began to affect their weight. Therefore there are some things you need to know about children who are difficult to be fed.

The first is, unlike adults, children, especially infants, do not understand what nutrients they eat. Adults may feel guilty if they eat oily, fatty, sweet, etc. when they are overweight or realize that their cholesterol is high. But not so with children. They only know what's good and what's not. That is why babies are not recommended to be introduced to sugar and salt before the age of 1 year, because besides their kidneys are not strong, they will tend to be choosy.

Similarly, snacks. Snacks often have a better taste than home-cooked foods, especially snacks in the form of snacks that are full of flavor enhancers. So it's only natural if they prefer side dishes to main dishes.

Second, not always a bad snack. Snacks like wafers or bread and milk boxes may be given at a certain age, but also pay attention to the time. The stomachs of children are still small and they fill up faster. So if you give snacks near lunch time, or before breakfast, it's also natural if they aren't interested because it's already full.

Third, rice is not the only source of carbohydrates. Corn, bread, potatoes and pasta are also carbohydrate sources, and as long as they want to eat fruit, vegetables, and meat, it doesn't matter if they don't want to eat rice. The important thing is all the nutrients are fulfilled.

Therefore, the solution is for parents to have 'heart'. Parents may not be able to stand watching their children cry because they want to eat something they like. But as we said in the first point, it is because the child feels something good is taken from him. Even though we as parents know, it's good not to be healthy. So it doesn't matter if your child cries, you have to be firm not to give snacks so your child will eventually have to change his eating patterns. Then, choose a good snack, do not give snacks or snacks because it will make him choosy. Giving snacks also do not close to big meal times. The last snack is given two hours before a big meal. Like for example if lunch is at 12 o'clock, the last snack should only be at 10 o'clock. Create a pleasant dining atmosphere, and change the cooking menu so your child doesn't get bored.

If you have done all that but your child is still having difficulty eating, consult your problem with your pediatrician, because there may be certain conditions that interfere with growth and development. So, hopefully answering your question.

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