Solution For Dengue Fever?

Illustration of Solution For Dengue Fever?
Illustration: Solution For Dengue Fever?

Excuse me, based on the symptoms of DHF on it seems like some of my symptoms are experiencing except for nausea or vomiting but it happened 2 days ago. During these 2 days I only took fever medicine (bodre *). For now the fever has started to subside and the headache is also starting to disappear but my breath is often tight and red spots are still there. Do high fevers and headaches only occur on the first day? Does taking the fever medication regularly cure DHF? For now I cannot visit the doctor directly because I am still busy with work

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Dengue fever is a disease caused by a viral infection carried by the Aedes aigepty mosquito. Dengue hemorrhagic fever causes fever accompanied by bleeding symptoms due to decreased blood platelet count.
Diagnosis of dengue fever is established starting from the symptoms of fever that can last within a range of 2-7 days, sudden high temperatures, followed by other symptoms such as headache, back pain, joint pain, nausea and vomiting then there is a critical phase where the fever has fallen but the number of platelets also will decrease followed by other signs of bleeding such as reddish rash / petechia from the tourniqet test, bleeding gums, nosebleeds or bleeding chapter.

In addition, data from blood tests are also needed, namely an increase in hematocrit of more than 20% of the normal range accompanied by a decrease in platelets below 100,000
A decrease in platelets of less than 150,000 / μL is called thrombycytopenia. Decreased platelets are not only caused by dengue fever, therefore an evaluation of clinical symptoms is important to do. Generally an increase in hematocrit with a value of more than 40% accompanied by clinical symptoms of dengue fever so that the diagnosis of DHF can be established. However, if only a decrease in platelets without clinically significant symptoms and hematocrit levels still tend to be normal, then the diagnosis of DHF is still doubtful.

Therefore, to find out if you experience symptoms of dengue fever or not, you should do an examination directly to the nearest doctor. Blood evaluation and examination is important to know the symptoms and the diagnosis of dengue fever.

Whether or not to be hospitalized depends on the doctor checking your condition directly. If the condition of the body still tends to be good from the results of the examination, outpatient care can be carried out by continuing to provide medical advice including multiplying the administration of fluids while at home. Taking a fever medicine cannot cure dengue fever, because a fever medicine only reduces fever without treating or eliminating the cause of the disease. Generally, platelet patients over 100,000 without any sign of bleeding can treat at home while still receiving a rigorous evaluation. If you find that the symptoms are getting worse, the body becomes weak, does not want to eat, vomits continuously, immediately take it to the nearest health service to get further treatment.
Ideally in patients with suspected dengue fever, it must be carried out continuous evaluation, especially if entering a critical period. Because at this time, if left unchecked it will have fatal and life-threatening consequences.

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