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, I want to ask, why is it that every time I use a headset or make calls, it only takes a few minutes for my right ear to hurt and the pain usually affects my head…?rnThank you.

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Hello, thanks for the question. The ear pain you are experiencing has several possibilities. But to understand this you must know the structure of the ear first. The structure of the ear starting from the outermost is:

1. Earlobe, serves to capture sound.

The external ear canal functions to transmit sound.

3. The eardrum, this organ will vibrate to continue the sound.

4. The middle ear space, which contains the auditory ossicles, receives eardrum vibrations and transmits them.

5. Eustachian channel, which is a channel that connects the middle ear space with the nasal cavity.

6. The inner ear space, serves to receive sound stimuli and transmit to the auditory nerve.

The disorders that cause ear pain include:

1. External ear canal infection. This infection can be caused by bacteria or fungi. Risk factors for external ear canal infection include the habit of picking at the ears, often wearing a headset, being exposed to water when swimming, patients with decreased immunity such as diabetes. Complaints that are felt are pain, itching if a fungal infection, pain gets worse when the ear is touched.

2. Ear infection. Germs can enter and infect the earlobe through the piercing. In addition, if there is a history of trauma to the earlobe; for example pulled, hit; can also cause inflammation of the earlobe. Complaints in the form of swollen earlobe, redness, feeling hot, painful. Long-term complications are changes in the shape of the earlobe.

3. Ear drum infection, in medical language is called bullous myringitis. That is an infection of the eardrum caused by a virus. Complaints of severe pain in the inner ear.

4. Middle ear space infection. This infection can occur because germs move from the nasal cavity to the middle ear space through the eustachian tube. In general, it begins with a cough and cold, then progresses to the ear. Complaints of pain in the ear and decreased hearing. Complications in the form of eardrum leakage, therefore in some cases it is necessary to perforate the eardrum.

You don't have to worry as this is treatable. Therefore, we recommend that you check with the nearest health care facility or an ENT specialist. Your doctor may need to directly examine your ears, nose and throat.

Prevention and treatment that you can do at home include:

1. Cold compress

2. Avoid drinking cold during illness.

3. Reducing / avoiding the use of headsets during illness.

4. Prevents water from entering the ear.

5. Do not pick the ear.

6. Take over-the-counter pain relievers.

The following article may be able to provide additional information to you.

That's our explanation, hope it helps you, thank you.

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