Solution For Itchy Rashes Around The Nose At The Age Of 30 And Can They Completely Disappear With Gecko Pills?

Illustration of Solution For Itchy Rashes Around The Nose At The Age Of 30 And Can They Completely Disappear With Gecko Pills?
Illustration: Solution For Itchy Rashes Around The Nose At The Age Of 30 And Can They Completely Disappear With Gecko Pills?

I am a 30 year old male. first my face always itched around my nose when I consumed too much chicken or seafood or when the weather was too panans or cold, which then appeared reddish rash accompanied by pain. but after being left for a few days to heal on its own. this keeps repeating when I eat chicken or seafood or hot and cold weather. Is this allergic or mildew huh? then about 4 months I suffered from a skin disease which after I checked into the doctor said it was psoriasis. and the redness on my face has never appeared again. Is this related to the second disease? Then can the gecko pill completely cure my illness? or what should i do?

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We understand your complaints and concerns. The possibility of reddish rash that you often feel can be caused by allergies, fungal infections, rosacea or other skin disorders. If you have an allergic tendency, complaints generally arise not long after exposure to allergens. Symptoms such as a reddish rash that arises accompanied by itching in some parts of the body are often found in people with allergies.
Whereas in fungal infections, in addition to redness, prominent symptoms are itching and skin lesions tend to widen. Fungal infections are also easily transmitted in some parts of the body and others.

Another possibility is Rosacea, which is a skin disorder that causes symptoms similar to acne, but different. In rosacea, often found on the face in a more central area, namely the forehead area, around the nose, under the eyes, cheeks and forehead. Redness of the skin is accompanied by small nodules, swelling and can be found pus festering. Risk factors that may affect the occurrence of skin disorders are skin irritation, stress factors, blood vessel abnormalities, heredity, environmental factors such as exposure to mites that are invisible to the eye, exposure to sunlight, to immunological disorders.

To find out for sure the skin disorders that you are experiencing, it requires a direct examination to identify the exact cause of the existing skin abnormality. Because the symptoms are almost similar, Rosacea is often difficult to distinguish from several other skin disorders, namely:

Acne / acne Seborrheic dermatitis Lupus erythematosus Eczema Allergy Skin fungus infection Unfortunately, if someone has rosacea, this disorder will disappear according to the presence or absence of triggers that stimulate it. Therefore, treatment is often given to relieve symptoms without eliminating the cause. Medications that are generally given are antibiotics ointments or drinking tablets, topical corticosteroids for the skin, and skin moisturizers.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammation of the skin. Psoriasis may be associated with disorders of the skin on your face area. But again, to identify the type of abnormality on the skin with certainty, a direct visual examination is needed.

It is highly recommended to do an examination to a dermatologist directly so that the skin disorders that you suffer can be examined. Management will be given based on the underlying disorder. There is no definite evidence related to the effectiveness of the use of gecko drugs to help cure skin disorders in the medical field. So that the drug is not recommended for consumption.

Some of the following things you can try to do at home to help relieve symptoms and can be used as an effort to prevent money disorders
that you experience, namely:

Caring for facial skin hygiene Get to know the type of facial skin and use beauty products according to skin type Use sunscreen to protect the skin from direct sunlight Do not squeeze or rub reddish nodules on the face Avoid stress and fatigue Eating healthy and nutritious foods Avoid consuming excessive fat liquid with water So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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