Solution For Kidney Infection?

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my mother couldn’t pee, but she kept throwing up nausea. eat no appetite, body is very weak?rn3 x-rays the results are different, initially kidney stones, kidney inflammation, the last one said there was pus.rnwhat should I do?

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Hello Andrii

Complaints experienced by your mother can be caused by various conditions such as:

Kidney infection Kidney stones Kidney inflammation Kidney failure, and others

Infections that occur in the kidneys can cause problems in removing urine and also cause pus. Kidney stones can also cause problems in removing urine, and can also be accompanied by an infection in the kidneys. Inflammation of the kidneys, can be caused by infection, autoimmune and others. Kidney failure can cause impaired urine production.

It could be that what happened to your mother is related. At the beginning of the examination there may be only kidney stones, but it can develop with inflammation and also infection if it is not treated properly. You can check back to your doctor or to a urologist. It could be that the doctor will perform additional examinations such as ultrasound if necessary. Therapy will be adjusted to the condition experienced by your mother, either with medication or if there are indeed kidney stones or severe infection, the doctor may suggest surgery.

I hope this helps.

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