Solution For Toenails Detaching And Rotting?

I want to ask about my toenails that will come off and have rotted but are dry, what should I do doc..?? Thank you

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Toenail rot can be caused by a bacterial infection (ingrown toenail) or a fungal infection (tinea unguium). Ingrown toenails often appear on the big toe, which has nails that are too curved inward to press against the surrounding flesh. Symptoms of an ingrown toenail include: Pain, swelling around the nail, and discharge of pus around the nail.

While fungal infections of the nails / Tinea Unguium cause the nails to change color (to yellow, brown, or white), thickening, and easy to crack and split.

Toenails that have rotted indicate that the tissue has been damaged and has become a favorable place for bacteria or fungi to multiply. The rotting nail tissue should be removed to remove the source of the infection. You don't need to worry, the doctor will take the nail carefully by giving local anesthetic first to relieve the pain. A partially removed nail can usually grow after a few months. Meanwhile, if the nail is completely removed it takes about 1 year to grow back.

You should check with a doctor, yes, and here are tips to prevent your nails from bacterial and fungal infections:

Keeping feet clean Do not cut nails too curved inward and not too short Wear comfortable socks or shoes that do not put pressure on the toes. Do not use socks and shoes that are too tight and change socks when the socks are damp/wet. I hope this information is helpful


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