Solution For Treatment Of Joint Pain Every Time You Wake Up?

Illustration of Solution For Treatment Of Joint Pain Every Time You Wake Up?
Illustration: Solution For Treatment Of Joint Pain Every Time You Wake Up?

Hello. I’m Reni, 22 years old. For almost a month every time I wake up the joints of the entire body (shoulders, arms, fingers, knees) ache and stiff. Check with your doctor and lab results showing symptoms of DHF. I was given medicine and after the medicine ran out the pain appeared again. The medicine gives effect after drinking but does not cure. I checked for uric acid, the results were normal, I also had a fever and swollen feet for several days. What is the solution ,? Because the medicine did not cure me, I was hesitant to go to the hospital again. Is there any home care I can do or foods that I can eat to reduce the pain? Thank you,.

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There are complaints of joint pain in the body accompanied by complaints of fever as you feel and the results obtained by a doctor with the results in the form of a dengue fever, then the treatment is based on complaints, physical examination results and results of supporting examinations carried out by the doctor who treats you. If this complaint has lasted about 1 month, then you should do a further examination to a specialist in internal medicine to evaluate your clinical condition and the progression of dengue infection that you experience. Supposedly, by taking a break from all your activities until the clinical condition improves, meeting your body's fluid needs and increasing your body's calorie requirements, dengue fever that is still in its initial condition or bleeding that does not require hospitalization, your clinical condition will be able to recover in 7-14 day. However, all of this still requires regular evaluation from the doctor who treats you or a specialist in internal medicine.

While the swelling of your feet that you felt before and the results of your acid examination are normal, then this might be caused by your physical fatigue or your ongoing activities while you are still having a fever or illness. Therefore, restoring yourself with adequate rest or doing business according to your doctor's recommendations is expected to help this recovery. Even if your doctor may recommend hospitalization with certain indications, you should be able to continue this plan.

In addition to the above conditions, several other clinical conditions can also trigger the same complaint, such as:

1. typhoid fever

2. indigestion

3. immune system disorders, such as in lupus patients

4. other viral infections

5. rheumatic

Therefore, you should not hesitate to control and check yourself back to the doctor or to the nearest hospital, this is necessary to find out the exact cause and to get the right treatment according to your clinical condition. Follow all your doctor's plans, whether supporting investigations or if you have to be treated in hospital. A blood evaluation or serological examination for dengue infection will be carried out by your doctor to establish the diagnosis of dengue fever and the necessary treatment.

For treatments that you can do at home, in general you must be accompanied by definitive diagnostic information from the doctor who treats you, so that the treatments performed at home will be more directed and in accordance with the indications. For other treatments, you should meet your water needs, add honey intake, get enough rest, avoid sleeping late, for other treatments you should discuss with your doctor.

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