Solution For Vaginal Itching And Bleeding?

Illustration of Solution For Vaginal Itching And Bleeding?
Illustration: Solution For Vaginal Itching And Bleeding?

greetings doctor .. r nsaye please ask …. I have almost 17 days period …. before this, it was at most lame 7 to 9 days je …. this time a bit lame …. and what am I feeling …. my intimate part often itches n the blood that comes out is not always periodic blood … and my period isn’t as much as the previous month … I’m worried … if there are other health problems … the clitoris seeds saye pon sometimes itchy and sometimes the feeling hurts the same as the intimate part … what is it that I’m trying to do … thanks to the doctor

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Normal menstruation in women occurs every 21 - 35 days with a duration of 3 - 7 days. In conditions of menstruation more than 7 days, it can be called metrorrhagia. This condition can be influenced by many things such as hormonal disorders, pregnancy outside the womb, deficiency of platelets and others.

Itching and pain in the genitals can also be caused by many things, especially if accompanied by vaginal discharge. The cause of this can include fungal infections, bacteria, inflammation, and malignancy that can occur in the reproductive tract or on the outside.

It's a good idea to see a doctor, especially a gynecologist. It takes a more complete history and examination in person to distinguish what you are experiencing. It could be that the doctor will perform additional tests such as blood, ultrasound and others to help determine your condition. If you need therapy, it will be given by the doctor according to your condition. For now, avoid using drugs, ingredients or the like outside the doctor's advice.

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