Solution Of Left Chest Pain And Weakness?

, I have suffered from diabetes mellitus for 5 years and routinely consume Glucovance 500 / 2.5 mg, and 1.5 years ago I had angina (left chest pain and left hand a bit difficult to lift upright), consume aspilet and isdn 5 mg of pain, Fish oil omega 369, I want to recover without ringing is it possible? age: 54 yrs, height / weight: 170/72 kg, rarely exercise, eat carbohydrates, BP: 120-140 / 70-90, blood sugar 236, please enlighten. thanks.

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Angina is a symptom of chest pain. Angina can be caused by disorders that originate from the heart (cardiac) and there are also causes that do not come from a problem with the heart but can cause similar or similar symptoms. What can cause angina symptoms that originate in the heart may include:

coronary heart disease disorders of the heart valves inflammation of the lining of the heart Some other possible causes of chest pain symptoms such as angina that do not come from abnormalities in the heart include:

GERD (gastroesophagal reflux disease), which is an increase in stomach acid into the esophagus gallstones, lung infection. Having high blood pressure and diabetes are indeed risk factors that can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or heart disease or blood vessel disorders. Previously, have you checked with a cardiac specialist about your condition, if not you should have your condition checked or if it's been a long time you should have your condition checked again to a heart specialist to find out your latest condition and the exact cause of angina you are experiencing, is there any blockage in heart blood vessels, and how big the blockage is. You will also need some investigations such as heart records, ultrasound of the heart, or examination of heart enzymes. This is to determine the appropriate treatment. If the size of the blockage is large or there are several stents may be required. It is not recommended to take herbal medicines, you should take regular medications recommended by the doctor who examined you. In some cases or conditions do not require ringing. For heart disease conditions it is necessary to carry out routine checks, because there can still be changes in conditions at a later date, if no routine checks are carried out changes in heart conditions are not detected and can cause the condition to get worse. Avoid risk factors and those that can aggravate your condition such as:

stress obesity (avoid eating fatty foods) lack of exercise high blood pressure (maintain / control blood pressure with medication and a healthy lifestyle) smoking following articles you can read angina

hopefully useful, thank you

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