Solution To Deal With Cavities?

Illustration of Solution To Deal With Cavities?
Illustration: Solution To Deal With Cavities?

, my bottom graham teeth left little or toothless because of my cavities, well at that moment I let it go 1 year if I don’t get the top teeth down, and how do I deal with it? Are the upper teeth removed too? And I dlu 1 year ago afraid of pulling molars down and I let it :(, because dental implants are expensive do doctors have strong dentures advice?

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Disturbances in cavities can cause cavities or the erosion of enamel or the outer teeth to the inside of a tooth or dentin. Cavities can be caused by the accumulation of plaque and bacteria in the oral cavity, often eating sweet foods, and not maintaining oral hygiene.

The condition of cavities can occur starting from childhood. If not treated adequately, it can damage the entire layer of teeth, causing infection in the tooth area, inflammation of the gums around the damaged tooth. There are several symptoms that can be experienced by cavities, including:

Pain sensations in the teeth, especially when biting or when the teeth are pressed, eat cold, hot food.
Teeth become sensitive.
There is a hole that is clearly visible on the teeth.
Tooth pain that occurs spontaneously without apparent cause.
There are parts of the teeth that change color to white, brown, or black.

It is advisable to consult with a dentist regarding further examination and management regarding the condition of the cavities that you are experiencing. Patching can be done on the cavities, repairing the crown, root canal treatment, or extracting teeth. This will be determined by the dentist after an examination of your condition.

It is recommended not to take self-medication without a doctor's instructions, not try to pull out your own teeth, avoid ingestion of sweet food, maintain oral hygiene, teeth and gums regularly, use fluoride toothpaste to protect and protect tooth enamel.

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