Solution To Deal With Coughing Up Mucus In Children?

Illustration of Solution To Deal With Coughing Up Mucus In Children?
Illustration: Solution To Deal With Coughing Up Mucus In Children?

Hello doctor, I beg for your help. I have children aged 2 years over 4 months. When I was a child at the age of 1, I was exposed to lung spots. He must be routinely treated for 6 months. After checking the lab and X-ray finally declared clean from spots. But once every cold air is exposed or he is nosy and tired he often coughs and releases mucus with cra vomiting. I have consulted k doctors who dl. I said allergic to cold and can’t be tired. what I’m afraid of why coughing is still accompanied by phlegm? If you can’t be tired, it’s also impossible because of the age when you are actively playing and your curiosity is very high. Please give a solution, doctor … I’m waiting for the answer. Mercy

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For cough mucus in children, can be caused by several things, including: upper respiratory tract infections, allergies, or bronchitis.

Acute respiratory infections can be caused by bacterial or viral infections. Bacterial infection is characterized by the presence of phlegm greenish yellow, thick, tightness accompanied by a fever that the longer the temperature is increasing.

The most frequent viral infections are influenza viruses, a sign of a viral infection including a fever that is immediately high in temperature, a white cough that is clear and runny.

Allergies are usually characterized by sneezing in the morning, accompanied by a history of allergies or asthma in the family.

Bronchitis is inflammation of the main pernapasa channel in the lung. The cause is usually from a virus or bacteria.

To find out more precisely the cause of cough in children, can immediately consult a pediatrician.

Some articles related to upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis can be seen at the following link: disease- bronchitis- in children

Things you can do to prevent coughing:

- Drink water at least 2L per day to help thin the phlegm

-use a mask for anyone who is experiencing a cold cough at home

- Maintain endurance by eating regularly, healthy and nutritious.

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