Solution To Eliminate Prolonged Swollen Eyes?

Illustration of Solution To Eliminate Prolonged Swollen Eyes?
Illustration: Solution To Eliminate Prolonged Swollen Eyes?

Good afternoon, I want to ask about my eye pain. first of 5SD class at that time my eye was stuck with chemicals (mosquito spray liquid). I could not open my eyes because I was sore, at that time my parents did not pay much attention and only told me to wash my eyes with pam water. after a week that never improved I finally was referred to the hospital. there I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis, then given antibiotics.

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Hello Dimas,

Thank you for the question.

If it is true that your previous condition (when SD) was purely due to conjunctivitis, and this has also been handled well by your doctor, then your condition should have very little potential to cause prolonged complications, especially to spread to the eyelids, as you are experiencing at this time. Most cases of mild conjunctivitis are characteristic, and will improve within 1-2 weeks with proper treatment.

As for the condition of your eyelids that are swollen, hardened, and does not go flat until disturbing vision is more likely caused by:

Hordeolum (nodules, inflammation of the oil glands in the eyelid)

Kalazion (Meibomian gland cyst)
Folliculitis (inflammation of hair roots)
Benign or malignant tumors in the eyelids
Others, such as blepharitis, hypertrophic scars, contact dermatitis, and so on

What is the right treatment for this condition, is it necessary to do surgery or not, and what is the potential for recovery, this can only be known after the cause of swelling in your eyelids is well identified. Therefore, it is better to check yourself directly to the doctor or eye doctor.

At present, what can be done:

Do not hold eyes with dirty hands
Compress the eye with ice cubes or warm water
Don't use cosmetics that have expired or that contain irritative substances around the eyes
Protect your eyes from intruding foreign objects, for example by using glasses
Do not carelessly provide treatment for swelling in the eyelids

Hope this helps ...

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