Solution To Fatten The Body?

Illustration of Solution To Fatten The Body?
Illustration: Solution To Fatten The Body?

Hello, congratulations Soresaya Dekna I am 19 years old I want to ask, why does my weight not increase even though I eat a lot? my body weight is around 39kg with a height of 156. In fact I can eat 4-5 times a day I also drink milk, vegetables, etc. Please take care of it,

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The condition of being underweight or overweight can be reviewed one of them by using the parameter Body Mass Index (BMI) with standards that have been issued by WHO (World Health Organization) for Asian populations. There are also IMT standards referred to as follows:

Obesity with a BMI above 25. Being overweight with a BMI between 23-24.9. Normal with a BMI between 18.5 - 22.9. Weight loss with a BMI below 18.5. To calculate BMI you can use the weight formula in kilograms, divided by height in meters squared. An example of using the personal data that you have specified is that your BMI is 39 / (1.56 * 1.56) = 16.04. So that the results of your BMI calculation are still included in the category of underweight.

To gain weight becomes ideal not just to eat more, but how to gain weight in a healthy manner can follow some of the following tips, such as:

Make a regular diet, do not skip breakfast or breakfast. Choose foods with balanced nutrition and higher calorie content. Regulate eating patterns more often with healthy snacks. Avoid drinking lots of water before eating to reduce satiety. Build a healthy lifestyle by regular physical activity and adequate rest. Increase or decrease in body weight needs to be done in a good way, the purpose of the formation of an ideal body weight is the formation of good habits / habits of eating, exercise and balanced rest so as to create a healthy or fit body condition. It is unfortunate if your goal is to increase body weight by consuming high-calorie foods continuously, but the condition of the habit and the body that is formed later is not good for your body condition. If you find it difficult to regulate your diet, you can consult a doctor or a nutrition specialist for your condition, check your condition for any medical conditions that make it difficult for you to gain weight and plan management according to your current condition.

For more information on how to gain weight to the ideal, you can access the information at this link. For information on Body Mass Index, you can access this link. Avoid taking supplements / medications on your own without consulting a doctor first, creating a good and healthy diet for you.

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