Solution To Overcome Chronic Gastritis?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Chronic Gastritis?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Chronic Gastritis?

can Chronic Gastritis be completely cured?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Gastritis is a stomach disease characterized by inflammation of the stomach wall. This inflammation can be caused by various things, including:

Bacterial infection
Age increase
Excessive alcohol consumption
Take pain medication
Immune system disorders

And for the risk of experiencing it yourself, it can increase in those who have intestinal inflammation, smoking, kidney failure and swallowing poisons. Gastritis is divided into two depending on the time span, namely acute and chronic. Acute gastritis means the condition occurs in a relatively short time, and chronic means that the disease has lasted a long time, happening slowly and gradually. What is dangerous in chronic gastritis is its tendency to turn into cancer if not handled properly.

Regarding your question, complete recovery in chronic gastritis is a rare thing, but it can be controlled. And as long as it is controlled, sufferers of chronic gastritis can still live normally like healthy people in general, and the risk of cancer has decreased. In addition, there are many factors that must also be considered, such as the main cause. Chronic gastritis caused by a particular disease, of course the handling is not the same as that caused by another disease.

Therefore, what is important for patients with chronic gastritis is to see a doctor in the disease every time the symptoms arise, understand what is abstinence and avoid it like a cigarette, and prepare medicine at home as first aid with a doctor's prescription beforehand. So, hopefully answering your question.

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