Solution To Overcome Cough In Children?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Cough In Children?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Cough In Children?

my child has been coughing for 2 months that never ceases. What is the solution? Taking medicine of all kinds does not subside anyway.

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Coughing that has occurred more than 8 weeks is called chronic cough. Chronic cough has several possible causes, including:

tuberculosis infections or other atypical bacteria, fungal infections
post nasal drip (mucus flows behind the throat, usually due to conditions such as sinusitis)

asthma and allergies

GERD or stomach acid disease
cystic fibrosis
heart trouble
and many other possibilities

If it has been 2 months that the cough has not healed, you should immediately take your child to the pediatrician so that further evaluation can be done to look for the cause. The child may get additional examinations such as sputum examination (if the child is able to expel phlegm), blood tests, chest X-ray. Examination should not be delayed again because of long-standing illness in children can interfere with growth and development.

Here are some things you can do:

Clean the child's bedroom regularly, change sheets at least once a week, wash all items that can be washed so as not to accumulate dust, and vacuum clean all objects that can not be washed (eg bed, sofa, carpet, etc.)
Keep objects that can collect dust from the child's bed (for example if the child sleeps with cloth dolls)
Put a humidifier in the child's room
Keep children from exposure to cigarette smoke and excessive air pollution

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