Solution To Overcome Feelings Of Guilt Until You Lose Your Mind?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Feelings Of Guilt Until You Lose Your Mind?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Feelings Of Guilt Until You Lose Your Mind?

Hello, I have had a lot of difficulties in my life since 3rd Grade SD. Since then I have always felt guilty. Until a few years ago I almost lost my mind. And after I read articles online several times, I found a form of depression whose symptoms are exactly the same as what I have experienced before (PTSD). But until now I have not had the courage to tell my family to ask for consultation with a more expert (psychiatrist). I want to change my habit of changing moods easily if I see things that shouldn’t be right or not right and I end up stressing myself out. I don’t want to make things difficult for myself anymore. I want to be able to control myself when certain conditions can cause my trauma to appear suddenly or my mood changes and loses control ..

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Hello Little Pinku,

Guilt is a symptom of depression, but it's not the only symptom. Depression is a mental disorder in which a person experiences excessive and unnatural sadness, to the point that it disturbs him in carrying out his daily activities. Depression is characterized by a sad / depressive mood / mood, accompanied by loss of interest in hobbies or daily activities and decreased energy. Additional symptoms of depression include guilt, sleep disturbances, eating disorders, decreased concentration, slow motion, and suicidal thoughts or thoughts.

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a condition triggered by a bad incident that has been experienced or witnessed, such as sexual violence, traffic accidents, natural disasters, rape, war, robbery and so on. PTSD causes the sufferer to not forget or not want to remember the experience. Memories of the traumatic incident can pop up at any time. PTSD can also cause the person to think negatively about themselves and their surroundings. Symptoms include nightmares, guilt feelings, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, feeling isolated, and so on. 30% of people who experience a traumatic event experience PTSD.

Both depression and PTSD require medical treatment, either with drugs or with psychotherapy. To determine whether you have PTSD or not, you should see a psychiatrist (psychiatrist). The psychiatrist has the authority and competence to treat you. Of course, if you are not an adult, you still need someone to go to a psychiatrist. You don't need to worry about the stigma of going to a psychiatrist, this is done to help yourself. If allowed, of course, the disturbance you feel can get heavier and your activities can be even more disturbed. This cannot be handled alone, especially if you don't open up to your family.

Things that need to be done while taking medication:

Follow the recommended therapy, even though the results may not be as fast as expected Learn and seek information about PTSD and depression from reliable sources Take care of yourself, with enough rest, eat regular food, relaxation for example with recreation Avoid nicotine from cigarettes and caffeine, this can worsen anxiety Don't self-medicate let alone take illegal drugs Have hobbies that can occupy your focus Stay connected and make time for people who care about you, both family and friends

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