Solution To Overcome Miscarriage 4 Weeks?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Miscarriage 4 Weeks?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Miscarriage 4 Weeks?

I miscarried my fetus just walking 3 weeks 4 days, bleeding usually comes out of blood clots only once the rest is just thick bleeding, do you need medical action? It’s been running for 2hrs but the blood clot came out only for a few minutes, do I have to see a doctor or what, please answer the answer.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Miscarriage (abortion) is the threat or release of the results of fertilization before it can survive outside the womb, precisely before 20 weeks' gestation or a fetus weighing less than 500 grams. Miscarriage is the most common cause of bleeding in young pregnancies. Symptoms of bleeding from the birth canal are usually accompanied by complaints of tissue discharge from the birth canal, abdominal pain, the size of the uterus that is smaller than the size that should be appropriate for the gestational age.

Risk factors for abortion include fetal factors (eg genetic disorders), maternal factors (eg infections, hormonal disorders, malnutrition, use of certain drugs, smoking habits, alcohol, anatomical disorders of the reproductive system), and paternal factors (example: abnormalities sperm). There are several types of abortion based on symptoms and signs, including abortion of iminence, insipiens, incomplete, complete, and missed abortion.

In dealing with miscarriage patients, doctors need to first assess the general condition of the mother and her vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, breathing, and body temperature). Patients who show signs of emergency, such as shock, need immediate treatment. The doctor then also needs to provide management for possible complications, such as infection and anemia. Handling in the form of emotional support and post-miscarriage counseling also needs to be given to patients. Special treatment will be considered according to the type of miscarriage, for example evacuation of residual tissue with curatase needs to be done on incomplete and insipiens abortion types less than 16 weeks old, or administration of infusion drugs mixed with hormones that affect uterine contractions can be given to the type of abortion insipiens that are less than 16 weeks old 16 weeks. In complete abortion, doctors usually do not need to evacuate tissue, but still need to evaluate the patient's condition within 2 weeks.

Thus, you are advised to immediately consult a specialist obstetric and gynecologist so that you can evaluate your condition and be given the necessary treatment. You are advised to get enough rest, eat a balanced nutritious diet, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and manage stress well.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about miscarriages. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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