Solution To Overcome Red Warts On The Face?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Red Warts On The Face?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Red Warts On The Face?

Night … r nDok I have a wart that is red on the left lip, it used to be just a bump like a mosquito bite but now it’s getting bigger, because I’ve tried several times to get rid of it but only the wound but after the red wart pops up, it’s still there and the size is bigger than the beginning.

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Hello, Erna21, thanks for asking

The skin bumps on the face can be caused by several things:

1. Nodules, arise because there is abnormal tissue, for example because there is inflammation or continuous injury

2. Keloid, a lump with a smooth surface and grows as a scar whose tissue grows thicker. Sores can be in the form of claws, lacerations, burns, or chickenpox or acne scars.

3. Hypertrophic scar, which is a lump that grows due to a scar but is not as big as a keloid.

4. Warts, bumps with a bumpy surface such as cauliflower and caused by HPV infection.

5. Abscess, a lump which is a collection of pus in the skin due to bacterial infection.

To determine the cause, you should check with your doctor. The doctor will ask you about everything related to your symptoms, perform a physical examination by looking at the lump carefully, and if necessary, additional investigations will be carried out.

Most of these lumps are benign, so sometimes they do not need special therapy. However, if you feel disturbed by his appearance, or there are other things such as:

1. The lump changes, gets bigger, gets worse, or persists for a long time

2. The lump is painful or uncomfortable

3. Don't know the cause of the lump

4. Since the lump occurs, fever, no appetite, unwanted weight loss, the lump is bleeding or pus

then you should check with your doctor.

Treatment of lumps depends on the cause. Some can shrink with the use of certain ointments, some can be treated with routine injections / injections, and even surgery. What you can do to prevent worsening is:

1. Not scratching, touching, pressing on the lump

2. Maintain facial hygiene by washing your face 2x / day or every time you feel excess sweat

3. Use sunscreen if exposed to sunlight

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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