Solution To Overcome The Stitches Scar During Childbirth?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome The Stitches Scar During Childbirth?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome The Stitches Scar During Childbirth?

In the afternoon I want to ask on April 30th, I just gave birth to my first child normally, and I also had a sewing process, but for 2 days, the stitches are a bit swollen and it hurts a lot, why is it so swollen like that? all the stitches but in one of the stitches … what’s the solution? Thank you

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Hello Rheniey,

When giving birth normally, it is sometimes necessary to suture, either due to an episiotomy (cutting the area between the vagina to make the birth canal wider) or due to perineal tears (the area between the vagina and the anus).

These postnatal suture wounds can improve and dry in about 1-2 weeks, depending on each patient. If there is an infection or have certain medical conditions before (such as uncontrolled diabetes), the healing process can take longer.

If the stitches feel swollen and painful, this should immediately see how the stitches are. Swelling and pain in the stitches can be caused by infection, tissue trauma, sewing thread allergy, to the presence of hemorrhoids that are mistaken for swelling in the stitches.

If the pain is more severe than the previous day and the swelling is getting bigger, I suggest that you control it again with your obstetrician so that you can see your stitches directly so that the doctor can provide more appropriate follow-up care. Your doctor may give you topical or oral medication that contains painkillers and antibiotics if needed.

For a while while waiting to see a doctor, you can do the following tips:

Keep the wound area clean stitches Do not hold urine and defecate Expand fiber, water, vegetables, and fruit so that the bowel movement smoothly so that you do not need to push when defecating and not too painful when defecating Clean the stitching area with clean water or soap or special liquid from doctor if there is then dry with a clean towel or sterile gauze before wearing underwear More often replace the pads when there is still puerperal blood Take a cold dip briefly to help reduce pain Use a pillow when sitting Do not press or massage the stitches Hopefully it can help you,

Thank you

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