Solution To Overcome Thrush?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Thrush?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Thrush?

Hello wr wb dok Is the essential oil clove bud good for treating thrush?

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mayoralam shaleh

Thank you for asking

the essential that you use contains clove that I know, clove has so many health benefits but I don't know if there are other ingredients I don't know about, maybe you could actually ask the seller or look at the packaging, it's fine using natural ingredients from herbs, but I don't know whether this can be applied directly to the diseased area like the mouth or not, which I know is used for massage and for steam that is placed in the humidfifer.

previously I will explain thrush or also called stomatitis is one of the problems in the mouth that is often experienced by many people. Sprue is inflammation of the mouth that feels pain, so that it can interfere with the sufferer to eat, talk, and sleep. Thrush can appear anywhere in the mouth, including the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and palate.

The main cause of canker sores is the presence of fungusandida albicans, which is indeed in the mouth in small amounts and uncontrolled growth. However, canker sores can also be caused by various other factors, such as injuries, infections, or allergies.

lukadi in the mouth or canker sores can usually heal by itself for about two weeks. so there is no need for treatment if there are no other symptoms. There are a few tips you can do:

maintain oral hygiene
diligent brushing two times a day
gargle with commercial antiseptics
gargle with cold water or eat ice cream if you experience a burning sensation in your mouth.
You can also take pain relievers like paracetamol
avoid drinks or hot foods, and foods that are salty, spicy, and sour for a while.
reduce drinks or hot food, and foods that are salty, spicy, and sour for a while.
quit smoking

see a doctor if you experience the following symptoms of canker sores:

Thrush in the mouth is large and unusual.

Thrush continues to appear and multiply.

The pain does not improve even after taking pain medication.

Thrush has lasted more than two weeks and has not healed.

and let me remind you to stay at home for now, and do things to avoid transmission of the corona virus. bils you are mildly ill postpone to see a doctor first. the doctor really if you have experienced emergency symptoms.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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